Summary Edit

The reserve order is the most versatile combat order in CAOS. It allows a commander to involve units directly behind the front line in combat. Albeit at only 50% of their total combat value.

A unit conducting a reserve order will contribute 50% of its combat value to ALL combats involving adjacent friendly units. Meaning reserve orders can be used to assist both defensive and offensive combat. Reserve is arguably the most powerful order in CAOS when used properly, allowing a player to significantly improve their combat value both offensively and defensively. But it should always be kept in mind that units in reserve are equally likely to take casualties in combat as those on the front.

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Advantages of Reserve Edit

  • Can be used to involve more units in an attack or defense.
  • Will provide 50% of combat value to ALL adjacent friendly units.
  • Can be used in support of any combat.

Disadvantages of Reserve Edit

  • Units conducting reserve orders will defend at 50% strength if attacked.
  • Can lead to severe casualties if used incautiously.

Reserve Examples Edit